Our foster carers have varied backgrounds, religions, sexual orientation, gender, age and culture. None of these is a barrier to fostering.We look for foster carers who can provide a safe and caring home and are willing to learn how best to support children. Our ideal foster carers have certain personal qualities. We want them to be enthusiastic, reliable, caring, approachable, empathetic, warm, accepting of others, non-judgemental and able to make a commitment. We also look for potential foster carers who are open, curious, keen to develop professionally and personally, resilient, practical and able to be playful.

It sounds like a tall order, doesn’t it? But time and again we are amazed by the wonderful attitudes and qualities of the people who apply to foster with us. They are truly special and come from all walks of life. The good news is, the people who consider fostering a child are usually this type of person. It would also be great if you have experience of working with others and being around children (whether that is through parenting, a professional role or having helped others care for children). We want you to be interested in people and what makes them tick.