Eligibility criteria

Our ideal candidate

We believe that the most vital criteria for becoming a foster carer is your ability and motivation to care for a child, who may have had a difficult start in life.

We recruit foster carers from all walks of life and the one resounding attribute that they have in common, is their determination to support a child in reaching their true potential in life.

Every child is unique and will have individual needs, consequently, a unique and flexible approach is required when fostering. If you are driven by an unwavering desire to help others and have the courage to step outside of your comfort zone and care for a child in need, then you already have the core attributes required to become a successful foster carer. We will offer comprehensive training and workshops to develop your skills and knowledge and are on-hand 24/7 for support and to help you navigate any problems along the way.

Successful foster carers see the potential in every child and are prepared to treat them as if they are their own child, offering them a secure, loving and supportive home for as long as they need it.

At To The Moon And Back, we believe that the ability to enable positive change in a young person’s life, lies within each one of us. We are interested in how you can help and support a child to grow in a stable environment, regardless of whether you own or rent your home, your marital status, sexuality, religious beliefs or ethnicity.

Over the age of 25 years old

Able to build good relationships with children and those around you

Able to offer a spare comfortable bedroom for a foster child

Access to a car or located near good transport facilities

Be available at all times when they are not at school

The ability to be curious and have empathy

Our locations

We are developing foster carer communities in Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Essex and surrounding areas.

Fostering in Cambridgeshire
Fostering in Hertfordshire
Fostering in Essex
Fostering in Northamptonshire

Fully inclusive agency

At To The Moon And Back we are proud to be a fully inclusive agency and celebrate diversity in all forms, be that culture, language, gender, sexual orientation or religion 

We are keen to engage people who can draw on their life experience and relate to the childs feelings. We look for the ability of foster carers to bring empathy to their care along with their ability to offer support and encouragement to children so that they can overcome their many challenges in life. Often people from the LGBT community have faced adversity and challenges within their own lives. It is these personal experiences which we feel often helps a person relate to a foster child who themselves have often faced adversity and significant personal challenge.

Does this sound like you?

If so, you have come to the right place and could be the type of person our looked after children need. We are very keen to hear from people who want to foster or find out more about what it entails.

To get in touch you can call us on 01223 800420 or email us directly at hello@moonandbackfostering.com.

Alternatively fill in the form on the right and we’ll get back to you when it’s convenient.