About To the Moon and Back Foster Care

To The Moon and Back Foster Care came from the vision of two friends, Angela and Alison.

After working in the fostering field for some time, they set out to create a special kind of fostering agency. Outstanding foster carer support, development and wellbeing is at the core of the agency, enabling foster carers to provide the best possible opportunities for the children in their care. The team are committed to the building of long-term relationships where foster carers feel cherished and respected for the crucial work they do with children in need of a new start.

Our two founders have a wealth of experience, of over 50 years, in the provision and leadership of services for young people and adults.

How we chose the name

For so many children and young people living in care, the outcomes are not good enough. Many of these children and young people do not have the same opportunities as their peers. “When we thought about how far we were willing to go to change the futures of children and young people living in care,  we realised that we would go ‘To the Moon and Back’ for these children – and the name stuck. It has great connotations with Little Tiger Press’s famous children’s book, “I Love You to the Moon and Back”, as well as the aspiration of a heart full of hope.

After working in the fostering sector for more than 20 years, we know that the wellbeing of foster carers is the most important factor in creating a happy foster home. Our goal is to give children in care the best possible chance in life. So, the foster carers who give them that chance, by opening up their homes and hearts, must feel cherished and supported by us.

An agency that puts foster carers at the heart of the child care team

Meet our friendly team

Angela Hunt


Alison Kindred-Byrne


Claire Shepherd

Agency Decision Maker

Dr Jocasta Webb


Lisa Cousins

Supervising Social Worker

Sarah Ling


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Want to join our friendly team?

We’re always looking out for great talent.If you feel you fit with our ethos and are interested in a career at To the Moon and Back Foster Care please call us on 01223 800420 or email us directly at hello@moonandbackfostering.com

Life at To the Moon and Back Foster Care

We are passionate and determined to provide the best outcomes for fostered children. Our agency is different. Our social workers work with no more than 10 families, ensuring that they can work closely with our foster carers getting to know them well and supporting the whole family to succeed in fostering. We are ethical, with a strong vision for the children in our care. We work closely with our foster families, matching their abilities and lived experience, with children and young people who need a loving home. We built this new kind of agency from scratch, starting with our vision, values, beliefs and holistic approach. We have put our foster carers at the heart of our support team and recognise the vital role that each family play in helping our children to develop and learn.

Choose us and make an impact on a child’s future

Our aim is to enable foster carers to develop their childcare knowledge and skill enabling them to feel confident and able to support children and young people, who have experienced abuse or neglect, to reach their true potential in life. We listen to and value our foster carers, ensuring they feel part of the improvement we make. We work proactively and offer round the clock support if needed, but we are so much more than someone at the end of a phone.

Ethical organisation

Therapeutic approach

Open and transparent

Warm caring team

Forward thinking

Relationships matter

Would you like to make a difference, feel listened to, supported and properly trained so that you are confident in your fostering role?

I’m proud to work for To the Moon and Back Foster Care. They are committed to a trauma-informed, child-centred approach, with the attachment between foster carers and the young people they care for, at their very core.

Dr Jocasta Webb Psychotherapist