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We have created a place for foster carers to feel safe, supported, secure and where everyone feels they are part of the family, doing something special and incredible.

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Why choose To the Moon and Back Foster Care

We are an independent innovative UK foster agency with an ambition for the children and young people that we care for. We aim to attract committed people who want to be the new generation of foster carers, willing to be curious, to try different approaches and prepared to learn how to be the best they can be.

There are more than 65,000 children in the UK requiring foster homes

Our locations

Fostering in Cambridgeshire
Fostering in Hertfordshire
Fostering in Essex
Fostering in Northamptonshire

What others say about us

I’m proud to work for To the Moon and Back Foster Care. They are committed to a trauma-informed, child-centred approach, with the attachment between foster carers and the young people they care for, at their very core.

Dr Jocasta Webb Psychotherapist and counsellor

Become a foster carer at To the Moon and Back Foster care

Call us on 01223 800420 or email us directly at hello@moonandbackfostering.com.

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