Fostering in Peterborough with To the Moon and Back Foster Care

The benefits of fostering in Peterborough with us

Ethical organisation

Holistic and therapeutic approach

Warm caring team

Successful matching process

Competitive financial support

Trauma informed development

How to become a foster carer in Peterborough with To the Moon and Back Foster Care

Interested in fostering in Peterborough? Learn how to start fostering with one of the most trusted fostering agencies in Peterborough. We are looking for people who are willing to go to the moon and back for children and young people, treating the child as they would their own child, supporting him or her to achieve their true potential in life.

Initial assessment

Once we have spoken with you, we will arrange a friendly visit to your home to answer your questions and reassure you that your home meets the standard for fostering.

Formal Application

When you are ready, complete and submit an application form and we will undertake the regulatory checks (DBS  references and local authority checks) on your behalf. 

Formal Assessment

You will work closely with one of our social workers who will get to know and understand more about you and your family and help you to learn even more about fostering.

Our training

You will need to undertake our mandatory training course called “skills to foster” which covers a variety of fostering and child development related subjects.

The Panel

Once your assessment has been finished, you will meet our Panel, they will ask you some questions and check everything is complete and you are prepared for fostering.

Formal Approval Process

Once formally approved to foster you will be approved for categories and ages of children and young people. You will receive an induction and ready to commence fostering with an independent fostering agency.

Peterborough Fostering – Apply and speak to our team today!

We appreciate that you will have considered becoming a foster parent for a while before wanting to talk further about it. There are things to consider when thinking about fostering.

As a minimum you need to have a dedicated bedroom available in your home that can be used by a foster child so that they have space they can call their own. Start your fostering journey today.


What others say about us

I’m proud to work for To the Moon and Back Foster Care. They are committed to a trauma-informed, child-centred approach, with the attachment between foster carers and the young people they care for, at their very core.

Dr Jocasta Webb Psychotherapist and counsellor