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Frequently asked questions by Foster Carers

Everything about Foster Care
When children are unable to remain living with their family, fostering can be temporary or a long term arrangement, enabling children to feel safe and loved.

What is fostering?

Who can become a foster carer?

Do I need any experience to become a foster carer?

Why do children come in to foster care?

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Becoming a foster carer with us
It is important that our foster carers feel valued and successful in their role. It starts with our ability to connect and help you feel safe and secure.

How long does it take to become a foster carer

How much is the fostering allowance?

What training will I have to do?

What does matching children to our family involve?

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Considering transferring with us
We created the agency to give foster carers what we feel they want. We know happy respected foster carers achieve greater things for children in their care.

I am unhappy with my current foster agency what should I do?

What does transferring to the moon and Back foster care involve?

Will I have to go through the full assessment process again?

What training will I have to do if I transfer?

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How we support Foster Carers
Fostering is like no other role. Our aim to help you be the best version of you, confident and prepared to help a child achieve their true potential.

How will you support me when I am fostering?

What will my supervising social worker do to help me with fostering a child?

Will I have to do lots of training?

What happens if a child makes an allegation about me?

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Frequently asked questions about our company

About the company

We are an ethical forward-thinking company that supports foster carers to succeed, enabling young people to achieve their true potential. We have a caring therapeutic approach where everyone feels valued and respected ,here’s a little bit more about us.

About To the Moon and Back Foster Care

Where is the agency based?

What local authorities do you work with?

Who owns the agency?


We set out to enable people to have a better understanding of the impact of trauma on children in foster care, but also its impact on those who support the children. We created a culture that encourages openness and relational support, putting wellbeing high on our agenda.

What makes you different from other foster agencies?

How do you provide development for your team?

How do you ensure that foster carers are a part of the professional team?


We build close trusting relationships with our carers, ensuring that they feel they can be themselves and say honestly how they are feeling. We feel very strongly that support is much more than a telephone helpline. We work to our values, daring to care deeply and being can-do in our approach.

How do you provide one to one support?

Frequently asked questions by local authorities