Responsibilities of a foster carer

As a foster carer, you will be encouraged to use the opportunities we provide for you to keep professionally updated and remain informed about the latest research linked to the protection of children and child care. It is expected that you will act as a positive role model and protect children from harm or abuse and act as an advocate for a child at all times ensuring the child has a good understanding of their origins, culture and religion.

You will provide day-to-day care for the child, taking into consideration their individual needs and emotional and physical well-being and participate in and support the child’s specific care plan co-operating with all professionals involved with the child, such as their social worker.

You will be invited to attend and actively participate in all reviews, professional meetings and case conferences relating to the well-being of a child you are caring for. You will be required to help the child to learn how to keep themselves safe and support their growth into independence.

You will support the child’s social worker to ensure that the child stays in contact with their family and friends and you will work with your supervising social worker to identify your development needs so that you can access the courses and information to support the child to the best of your ability.

As a foster carer, you will help a child to learn from their own rich experiences, whilst supporting them to manage their hurt and loss.