Podcast with Adventist Radio London

“Happy Talk” Angela Hunt speaks with Vanesa Pizzoto of Adventist Radio London


We have been very fortunate to have met some very interesting and genuinely caring people this year. Inspired by the people we met at an Adventist Church in Watford, we have taken part in so many events culminating in an invite to contribute to “One Vision” the idea of Enoch, a Pastor from the church. He has brought us together with other inspiring likeminded organisations across Watford in order to support each other to achieve great things for those people in most need in our community.

Vanesa Pizzoto is a wonderfully passionate woman who invited me on to her radio show to answer questions about fostering young people. Her appetite to find out more about what fostering actually involves and the specific needs of the young people who require foster families, led to a very lively conversation which we are delighted to share with you.

Every day 90 children, through no fault of their own, come in to care throughout England and Wales as a consequence of their experience of abuse or neglect. There is a shortage of 8000-9000 foster families nationwide. We are committed to inspiring people to consider fostering children and are delighted to provide information and answer any questions you may have about fostering. There are many different types of fostering and we work individually and with creativity to support you to be successful in enabling young people to achieve their true potential in life, despite their early childhood challenges.

Our sincere thanks to Vanesa Pizzoto and the team at Adventist Radio London, who have permitted the sharing of this podcast.

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