Transferring to another foster care agency is a simple process

Transfer to a different kind of foster agency

Transferring to another foster care agency is a simple process. To the moon and back foster care is different. We have created a place for foster carers to feel safe, secure and where everyone feels they are part of the family, doing something incredible and special. We care about how our foster carers are feeling. We build a close relationship with you and provide you with support that is meaningful and really helps you. We provide so much more than just someone at the end of a phone.

  • Safe and supported
    Serious about our aims, beliefs and values
  • Open and transparent
    Easy, straightforward and transparent
  • Holistic approach
    Committed to therapeutic values
  • Career opportunities
    Creating remarkeable development
  • Warm and caring team
    The best people and a committed team

We are an agency that is shaped by our ethical values

We have a culture that is open and transparent. Our people are kind and respectful, willing to advocate for what is right on behalf of our carers and therefore our children and young people. We have a holistic approach that embraces individuality. We offer our foster carers the opportunity for remarkable development, connecting with fabulous leading-edge researchers and teachers to enable our carers to be the best.


Download our free guide to transferring

We appreciate it is a big decision to move to another foster agency. We have developed a guide for ‘Transferring your fostering approval to another foster agency’ to help foster carers who are considering transferring to a new agency.

Generous and competitive allowances

In transferring to us, foster carers can expect as a minimum to be paid the same as what they are being paid but may be surprised by the additional allowances we offer. We respect that fostering is a professional role and that foster carers deserve to be recognised for the tremendous things they do.


What are the next steps to take?

We work with sensitivity and discretion with foster carers who want to consider transferring to us. We take their questions seriously and we can be relied upon to work confidentially, especially if carers just want to make an enquiry as there is no commitment to be made at the enquiry stage.

When a foster carer decides to transfer to us, we work to remove any additional pressure by approaching people on the foster carers behalf and advising everyone at every step of the process.

We work individually to establish the foster carers skills and experience, with the aim of preventing the need to have to repeat everything they have done before. We aim to make transferring to us, a smooth process allowing foster carers to remain focused on caring for the children in their care.


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