Transfer to us

Transferring to another foster care agency is a simple process

But can make all the difference to your fostering experience. If you are thinking about transferring, we are very happy to have a confidential conversation with you about how to change foster care agencies and the different kind of service that we offer. As a foster carer you have the right to transfer to another agency.

Transfer to a different kind of fostering agency

To the Moon and Back Fostering is different. We set up this agency after working in the care sector for more than 20 years, because we wanted to create something special. We believe foster carers should feel supported and valued at all times. To do this we ensure someone is available to talk to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our social workers have manageable caseloads so that they have time to build great working relationships with their foster carers. You will never be alone in a difficult situation – we will always be available to help.

By working with you in this way, we aim to prevent ‘burn out’, or the breakdown of fostering placements. If we look after you properly, give you the best training, empower you to care confidently and ensure you get breaks when you need them, we know you will become the best foster carer for the children in your care.

In our experience, this way of working makes for happier foster carers and provides the best outcomes for children.

Our culture and values

Our agency is built on the ethos of Social Pedagogy. This is an holistic way of working that is hugely respected in Europe and is making its way over to the UK. It focuses on the importance of relationships and means we build a community of support around the looked after children and their foster carers. We will enable you to build trusting and loving relationships with the children in your care by helping you to understand the effect of their experiences.

The approach is known as ‘Head, Heart and Hands’ because it blends academic knowledge (head), an understanding of emotional needs (heart) and the use of practical skills (hands) to help children thrive. Social workers and foster carers go to training together and take time together to reflect on decisions made and their impact.

What happens next?

All initial conversations with us will be confidential until you’re satisfied that To the Moon and Back is your preferred agency. Following your consent, we will then start the transferal process.

During this time, we will work closely and professionally with you, your existing foster agency and the local authority to make sure everyone understands what will happen and that any children placed with you are fully supported too. We strive to ensure that everything is as quick and easy as possible for everyone involved.

The Fostering Network explain more about transferring in their ‘Transfer of Carers Protocol Aug 2014‘.

If you’re thinking about transferring we recommend you read it through, or call us for more information.

The process of transferring varies slightly, depending on whether you have children placed with you or not. Please don’t hesitate to contact us so that you can talk through any questions you may have.

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