Preparing care leavers

We believe in offering our foster children the very best chances in life and know that leaving care can be a daunting and lonely prospect

Despite the challenges faced by many children when entering care, the prospect of leaving can be even more daunting. We believe in supporting our children to ensure that they are fully prepared for the transition to independence. This may start early when encouraging children to learn to cook or keep their room tidy or manage their pocket money.

Our training programme equips our foster carers with the necessary skill set that they need to prepare their child for leaving the care system. Throughout their time in foster care the child will learn a range of skills to ensure that they can seamlessly progress into adulthood and independence.

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  • Develop their emotional and behavioural skills to be able to deal with a variety of different situations
  • Develop a range of practical skills to help in everyday life such as cooking, laundry, financial budgeting, household DIY
  • Good route into further education or apprenticeships
  • Develop a strong sense of self-worth to ensure they have the confidence to experience new situations and meet new people
  • Good understanding of the opportunities available to them and how they can benefit from these, such as housing options
  • Understanding of how to maintain a good diet, physical, mental and sexual health
We believe in offering our foster children the very best chance in life and know that leaving care can be a daunting and lonely prospect

The child will require a plan which incorporates information and workshops to equip them with the knowledge and skill set required to live independently when they turn eighteen.

At eighteen we believe children are still young and potentially still vulnerable, so we offer a scheme called Staying Put. Essentially this enables our children to remain with their foster carers past the age of eighteen. The idea behind this scheme is to offer the children more time to adapt to the world of independent living and learn any new skills they feel are required. We believe highly in this scheme and don’t want any child to feel forced out of their foster home simply because they have legally come of age.

Research shows the offering of a phased introduction into independent living, along with regular contact with their foster family, can help children to choose a positive pathway in life and become successful individuals.

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