Fostering siblings

According to a report by Family Futures 80% of the UK population have one or more siblings

The relationship between siblings is often considered to be the longest and most important family connection for any child. Consequently, when a child needs foster care the relationship dynamics between siblings needs to be considered. Fostering siblings together can often aide the child’s feelings of stability, as well as helping their personal development and ability to settle into their new lives.

At To The Moon And Back we strive to keep siblings together where possible. We understand that initially being in foster care can be a traumatic experience for any child and so we aim to make the transition as easy as possible. One of the best ways we can do this, is by placing siblings together.

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To foster siblings, you don’t necessarily need to have a large home as younger siblings can share rooms. However, we do ensure that foster carers who wish to support siblings, are provided with additional training and can demonstrate their experience or new found competence as we feel it is necessary for foster carers looking after a group of siblings to have a solid understanding of family dynamics and the challenges and benefits of fostering more than one child from the same family.

Alison took time to get to know me. Meeting her was a like a breath of fresh air. She brought a real calm to our lives and strived to look deeper in to what was happening on the surface. For the first time I felt my child’s needs and best interests were being put first.
Thandi Jobson

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