We believe that fostering is a unique choice that offers spectacular rewards not experienced in other caring professions

We are passionate about offering our foster carers financial compensation that not only covers the cost of caring for a child, but also compensates them for their hard work and committment. The idea behind our approach is for all of our foster carers to have the financial stability to dedicate themselves to the profession full-time, working from the comfort of their own home.

The fees that we pay to our foster carers vary depending on the type of fostering undertaken.

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On average, you’ll receive:
  • From £380 to £450 per week for each foster child
  • This means that typically, a foster carer could earn £23,400 a year tax free when fostering one child, which is the equivalent of an annual taxed salary of £29,750
  • You will also receive generous allowances to help towards all additional costs of looking after a child such as travel, clothing, equipment, festive gifts and extras to enable you to take the child on holiday
  • We also offer a progressive pay structure, thus creating the opportunity of higher pay grades with internal promotions

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