Courses, workshops and qualifications

During the assessment process you will be expected to undertake training in order to acquire basic knowledge about how children develop and fulfil mandatory requirements related to safeguarding and protecting children from harm

Much of this is done with our specialised team as part of a small group and you will be able to ask any questions.

Following approval you will be introduced to our personal development programme

The aim of this is to support you to reflect positively on your strengths and skills whilst exploring gaps in your knowledge and experience. You will be invited to do this with your allocated supervising social worker and agree the development you require to meet the specific needs of children in your care and to meet the needs of future children that may join your family.

We provide a shared learning platform which blends face to face workshops and formal teaching with online courses. The training courses available will be promoted and carers encouraged to make choices of the training they wish to attend.

Apart from a structured mandatory training programme which all foster carers are expected to undertake, our training programme is developed to meet individual needs and ambitions.

We aim to create a development pathway which enables foster carers to undertake other roles within the agency. These roles range from mentor roles to facilitators of key workshops. We will support our foster carers to achieve nationally recognised qualifications that support the beliefs and of the organisation.

Our training programme is extensive and is tailored to support you to successfully meet the needs of caring for children who have had a difficult start in life. You will be provided with a copy of our full training programme during your initial visit.

Your formal training starts with our “Skills to Foster” course. This course generally runs over a weekend. You will meet members of our staff team along with people and families who are already fostering with our team.

You’ll learn about what’s really involved in looking after children who are in care and have the opportunity to learn alongside other applicants.

After your assessment is complete and you have been approved as a registered foster carer, you will be encouraged to attend training each year to update your skills.

The Skills to Foster course covers the following areas of development;
  • What foster carers do
  • Understanding the needs of children in foster care
  • Safe-caring
  • Helping children to deal with change
  • Managing challenging behaviour
  • Working with children who display sexualised behaviour
  • Techniques to support foster carers to deal with challenges
  • The placement process and finance matters
  • Preparation for Panel
  • Introduction to the social pedagogy theories

Training will include information on:

  • Attachment disorders
  • Managing challenging behaviour
  • Internet safety
  • Safeguarding children and child protection
  • Children and young people who self harm
  • Learning disability awareness

For those foster carers who intend to specialise in their care other courses will be available, for example where foster carers wish to provide care for parent and child placements or wish to specialise in providing care for children with complex needs or disabilities.

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