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First of all, thank you for considering becoming a foster carer. It is one of the most worthwhile jobs anyone could do and there are a huge number of children in need of a loving home who are waiting for someone like you to come into their life.

Almost certainly, yes – if you have the commitment, warmth and resilience needed for the job. What we look for in our foster carers are special personal qualities. Our carers come from all walks of life; they may be gay, straight, in a relationship or single, renting their home or home owners, pet owners or not, and any age over 25 . We don’t rule people out for these reasons.

What all our foster carers do need is to be kind and have a willingness to open their heart and their home to a child in need. We want them to be enthusiastic, reliable, caring, approachable, empathetic, warm, accepting of others, non-judgemental and able to make a commitment. We also look for potential foster carers who are open, curious, keen to develop professionally and personally, resilient, practical and able to be playful.

We hope they will have had some experience of looking after children, whether in a professional role or in their private life. Finally, it is essential for a foster carer to have a spare room to offer a foster child as they will need their own space and cannot share with other children.

If so, you have come to the right place and could be the type of person our looked after children need. We are very keen to hear from people who want to foster or find out more about what it entails. Why not get in touch for a chat?

Foster carers provide day-to-day care for a child who has been placed with them. When you are a foster carer, you will take into consideration the child’s individual needs, and emotional and physical wellbeing. Foster carers need to be able to work as part of a team with social workers and other professionals to help support the child’s specific care plan.

You will be a parent, advocate, cheerleader, mentor and trusted friend. But you will also have a professional role that requires training and reflection. Find out more here

It can take as little as three months to be approved as a foster carer for To The Moon and Back Fostering. Using our Contact Us form we can arrange to have a chat with you where you can ask us more about fostering. We will show you where to find out more about becoming a foster carer and whether it would suit you. We’ll leave it up to you to decide whether to take the next step with your enquiry. Find out more about the assessment process here.

In return for your efforts you will get a fulfilling career and the knowledge that you are doing a vital job. Sometimes the role of fostering a child who has been through trauma can be challenging. But the happiness brought by building a trusting and loving relationship with a child is out of this world.

Whilst fostering is regarded a vocational role, payment is given to foster carers and these payments are subject to limited taxation which means that foster carers can receive tax free sums. The payment varies depending on the specific care need of the children as well as the fostering agency policy on payments. Foster carers working with To the Moon and Back can expect to earn on average £21,000 per child per year if that child is placed for 52 weeks.

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If you would like to speak to someone to discuss any aspect of fostering, please get in touch using our contact us form or call us on 01223 800420.

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