Everyone needs a break sometimes. We recognise that there will be times, when you have a child in your care, when you may wish to take a short break, for example to celebrate some special event with your family. In this situation you will be paid your usual fostering rate and another approved foster carer will care for the child while you are celebrating. The approved foster carer will also be paid. You will have at least 14 respite days each full year you have a child in placement. When you do not have a child in placement for a full year, the respite is calculated pro-rata.

kWe want to ensure that the child’s care during respite is not compromised in any way. It is essential that the child’s education is not affected so we ask that adequate planning is made to ensure that the child has lots of time to adapt to a short break away from their carers. We also need sufficient time to appoint a carer and support their building of a good relationship with the child before the break is due to be taken.