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What's Love Got to do With it

According to Dr Allan Schore our looks and loving smiles help babies brains grow. He describes how a baby takes the feedback of a smiling adult and this triggers’ internal processes, including a release of natural opioids, these are known to encourage brain neurons to grow. Put simply, those loving looks help our brains develop our emotional and social abilities.

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A life in a day of a supervising social worker

There is really no such thing as a usual working day. At Moon and Back we work flexibly to meet the needs of our carers and young people.

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Being trauma informed means we work differently

In an interview with one of the organisations very experienced foster carers, Debbie shares her experience of working in a therapeutic way with the children in her care and supporting them, to understand how their experience as a young child affects them.

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Positive relationships matter

Dr Karen Treisman says” Relational Trauma requires Relational Healing”. She states that as long as children who have experienced trauma have someone that they are able to connect with and provide them with a safe caring relationship, they will over time develop positive signs of healing and learn to trust once again.

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Preparing a Child for Leaving Care

At to the Moon and Back Foster Care, we have high hopes and aspirations for the young people leaving our care for independence, we want our young people to feel as confident and capable of achieving their potential in life as we do our own children.

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A Child May Not Remember But The Body Remembers

According to research undertaken initially in America but subsequently in other countries including England and Wales, the combined impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences results in a significant affect on the health and wellbeing of the child in their adulthood. The findings have led to NHS Scotland embracing the theories, to improve public health outcomes and across England Scotland and Wales we are becoming more informed on the impact of trauma in young people.

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Understanding and Building Relationships With Teenagers

We know however that raising a teenager can be a challenge and it was for this very reason that in November 2018 we held a local conference with Dr Karen Treisman, a clinical psychologist and author and Poet Ben Westwood.

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Ethan's story

Ethan explains how he was helped by his foster carers when he came in to care at the age of 8 years old and shares how he now intends to help other young people.

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When support feels good

The provision of support to foster carers is a legislative requirement. What is interesting is that a great many foster carers feel underwhelmed by the levels of perceived support offered to them. Support is relatively easy to provide we feel.

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What to look out for in a foster agency

People often ask what we look for in potential foster carers and what makes a foster carer great. Foster carers come from a variety of backgrounds and in all shapes and sizes, but there are key qualities that enables foster carers to be successful in their role.

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The expert in the room

At To The Moon And Back, we are honest about what fostering really entails, the lows as well as the highs, so that people have a true picture of what they are committing to, in becoming a foster carer.

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Amanda’s story

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A Christmas message

Whilst the majority of us look forward to Christmas, spending time with our families and exchanging gifts, for many children in foster care it can be a time of very mixed emotions.

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Anger is a communication

At To The Moon and Back we are sometimes asked for advice on caring for a child who presents as angry.

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Helping Children Deal With Domestic Violence

At To The Moon and Back Foster Care we are often asked to find a foster family who can support a child who has repeatedly witnessed domestic violence.

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Life story

For children who are adopted or fostered there can be a disconnect with their past and for a variety of reasons, the anecdotes and life moments referred to above, are not known to the child.

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Teenagers in many ways have always had a bad press. Stories of gangs, antisocial and risky behaviour can be regular news items.

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Relationship led support

Fostering is a rewarding but equally challenging role. But foster carers are not alone – they work as part of the team around a child and must be supported by others in that team to ensure that children are receiving the best possible care.

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Supporting children who have a parent who does not live with them

Supporting children when one or both parents are not living with a child can be fraught with tensions.

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Laura's story

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It's how we do things around here

At To The Moon and Back, we believe that there are some key factors that can determine whether our foster carers have a positive or a negative relationship with our organisation.

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Our beliefs

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Successful culture starts with great values

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Conference event with Sarah Naish

Welcoming Sarah Naish, (author of The A-Z of Therapeutic Parenting) to speak at our 5th Conference for foster carers, adopters, social workers and anyone working with young people

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Happy Christmas from everyone in the Moon and Back team xxXxx

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