Why choose us

To The Moon and Back is the vision of two friends, Angela and Alison, whose background is in social work and caring professions.

After working in the fostering field for some time, they both wanted to create a special kind of fostering agency. Their goal was to provide the best possible outcomes for children in their care by putting wellbeing at their core of the agency. This agency would cherish the brilliant foster carers who opened their hearts and homes to children in need of a new start.

A happy foster home starts with a resilient and supported foster carer.

A different kind of fostering agency

Would you like to be listened to, supported and properly trained so that you are confident in your fostering role? That is our aim.

We are passionate about providing better outcomes for fostered children. So, we decided to build this new kind of agency from scratch, starting with values based on social pedagogy. This method puts foster carers at the heart of the child care team and recognises the vital role they play in helping children to develop and learn.

Social pedagogy is used in many parts of Europe and is based on holistic learning, empowerment, supporting wellbeing and building trusting relationships.

Using these ideas, our aim is to enable a child in foster care to reach their true potential thanks to the foster carer’s resilience, skills and confidence. We listen to and value our foster carers, giving them the chance to affect how our organisation improves. And we provide round the clock support, when needed.

Other reasons to choose To the Moon and Back include:
  • A generous and competitive Allowance that starts at £21,000 per year per child
  • Paid respite, so you can take a break
  • Regular family events, meet-ups and a warm welcome into a network of other local foster carers
  • A support line open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Training that goes beyond the mandatory course, including specialist trauma awareness training
  • The opportunity to become a fostering mentor
  • A caring team who listen to your opinions
  • A dedicated social worker who provides regular supervision
  • An agency that puts foster carers at the heart of the child care team

How we chose our company name

Generally, the outcomes for children in care are not good enough. Many children in care do not have the same opportunities as their peers, through no fault of their own.

We thought about how far we would go to change looked after children’s lives and make sure they received the same chances as everyone else. We realised we would go ‘To the Moon and Back’ for these children – and the name stuck. It had great connotations with Little Tiger Press’s famous children’s book, “I Love You to the Moon and Back”, as well as the aspiration of a heart full of hope.

Children don’t become human beings, they already are. Children are not the people of tomorrow, but are people of today
Janusz Korczak, Polish pedagogue and writer

We would love to hear from you

If you are one of those kind and wonderful people who are interested in fostering or are thinking about transferring to us because you want to be supported and developed in your role, please get in touch

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